Your first VIZ account

To create an account, you need to read the explanations below and tick some boxes. It takes a few minutes, but will save you from many problems and questions.

VIZ accounts are different from social media accounts, email accounts, websites, etc. Your account is your personal account in the VIZ blockchain, in which you store your social capital - the main value in the ecosystem.

With your account, social capital and viz tokens, you will reward people and receive rewards from them, subscribe, vote, and do other interesting things online and in "real life".

Please note the features of the VIZ accounts and confirm that you are familiar with them:


Initially, your account is completely anonymous. While helping you to create it, we don’t ask for any personal data: no name, no email, no phone. You just create an account clicking one button and start using it. In the future, for convenience it can be linked to a nickname, name, social network account, phone number, etc. using various apps in the ecosystem. Or you can not to link.

Waiting for you to tick the box…


Despite the fact that when you create an account you receive keys from it (more about it is below), we don’t know them. Keys are generated directly in your browser and aren’t downloaded to our servers. Until you share your account keys with someone, no one in the whole world, except you, will know them. It’s very secure, but it also means that if you lose your keys, no one can “remind”, “restore” or recreate them. Be careful and prudent! Keep copies of your keys in several secure places!


The amount from your invite-cheque will be transferred to the capital of the new account. This will allow you to immediately get a full account. To increase capital, you can buy viz tokens or start receiving rewards from other members of the ecosystem.


We will delegate the minimum social capital (2.5 viz) to your first account, which is enough for several actions. To become a full-fledged participant in the VIZ ecosystem, you need to accumulate at least a small amount of social capital or buy it (this is faster).